4 Lessons I Learned In 2014

4 Lessons I Learned In 2014

Congratulations! It’s 2015. You’re probably wondering why I said congratulations… The things you’re about to walk into, accomplish, start, and do… You’ll need someone to say congratulations and that they are proud of you. Because everyone won’t. 2015 is the year of Divine Opportunity. It’s the year connections will fall into your lap. It’s the year that those dreams you think about all day, but you think you can’t accomplish because you’re too young, will start coming into fruition.

I learned so much in 2014, from relationships to friendships to business. It was a year of successes and growth, but also one of hurt and lessons learned. Here are a few pointers:

1. BE YOU! It’s so easy to play the comparison game with those around us and even those who we see on social networks. Their social network is their highlight reel. You will only see the amazing parts of their lives. You won’t see the nights they stayed on their knees for hours crying because they were being attacked by friends, family, and foes. You won’t see the lonely nights because their “bae” is acting up, you just see their cute pictures on Instagram with the matching outfits. So live and enjoy YOUR life. It’s okay to admire, but don’t try to live their life. Because who will live yours? The purpose that God has placed inside of you is just waiting to be birthed — so when are you going to push out that purpose baby!

2. Everyone won’t support you. Sometimes the people that you think will come thru and support you — won’t. People will say they are coming to your events, make excuses, not support your blog, not support your speaking, and ultimately not support your dreams. But it’s okay. What and who God has for you — is all for you. Don’t even be mad. It’s not that they aren’t good people, they just aren’t meant for this season of your life. Accept that, don’t be mad, just be thankful for what God revealed.

3. Every guy or girl you meet will not be the one. Relationships will either end in marriage or a breakup. Get to know people for who they are. And with that, be observant. Often times we become angry and shocked because we ignored the warning signs early. We ignored the controlling things they did like trying to tell us what to wear and where not to go. We ignored the fact that they don’t love God or want to go to church. Believe them when they portray it the first time. Don’t get too attached too soon. It’s okay to take it slow.

4. Get into your Word. The Bible is your manual. If you take the time to really read it, I promise you that you will see how it correlates to your life. Get the right version for you. Whether it’s KJV, the Message, or New Living Translation. Perhaps even a study Bible that will allow you to really divulge into the Word on a more relatable level. Listen to worship music, pray daily, do whatever you need to in order to get closer to Him. He wants your WHOLE heart—not just two hours with you on Sunday morning or Wednesdays nights for Bible Study. He wants to be your everything, you just have to let Him in.

I’m praying that 2015 will be a year of total success for you. You may see friends walk away, but you’ll see new people come in. You may see things change, but change can be good. This year, I’m praying that you “know yourself, know your worth.” That you don’t settle, even when you’re lonely. That you dream beyond the limits people place for you. I’m praying that you seek Him harder than you seek anything else. And that you exceed beyond your expectations.

I love you and so does He,

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