Fight for The Family Panel Discussion


Here are our follow-up responses to our anonymous questions received from our November 30th panel discussion.

How do you put a family back together that hasn’t gotten along for many years?

Through prayer and rebuilding the broken bonds, starting with reconciling the differences and areas of division between those that are not getting along. Anytime you’re dealing with emotions and deep hurt, prayer is your compass because it gives you perspective that you may not otherwise have. It also gives you courage to take the necessary steps to act. Because God is the only one that can truly change our heart, we should start there. Getting people to get along is really a matter of the heart, not just circumstance. Circumstances can change and people remain the same. It’s important to also remember that even with prayer, it may not always be a situation that you can fix. Sometimes, God chooses to deal with things another way than we would like. Ask God to change the hearts of those fighting in the family.

However, you can always be the example of what unity looks like in your family. The example of love, the example of caring, and most of all in the case of getting back together – the example of forgiveness. That doesn’t mean that you have to play the role of mediator between those arguing, but when you model the heart of God, people see it. Sometimes a family getting back together also means getting outside help from a counselor, pastor, leader, friend or other family member that can help talk out the issues and find a happy middle ground that everyone involved can get on board with. And that’s ok. Many conflicts and family disputes are over things that are just petty in comparison to the bigger picture, but those involved in the conflict can’t always see it.

Never underestimate your voice and influence within your family. When you model the heart of God, and when you pray, it shows up in everything you’re involved in. Find things, if any, that the family can agree on. Sometimes it takes helping them to see the bigger picture and the other side, how it’s hurting the family, and more importantly, how great the family could be if things turned around.

How do you know if you’re meant to be with someone? If God says you’re meant to be with someone and shows you signs, should you just believe and wait for it to happen?

This is where walking with God gets real because His people know His voice (John 10:27). And the only way to know His voice is to spend time with Him. The old school says that it’s a feeling of you know that you know. Hearing from God is like an inner knowing. When God arranges something that’s meant to be, there is a perfect order and sense to it. That doesn’t mean it’s picture perfect, it just means that God arranges things to our benefit. Remember that God will never confirm (or show you signs) that contradict His Word or what He says. So you can ask, how does God feel about this person and their role in my life? Does their lifestyle line up with what matters to God?

Be careful with “signs” because not every door of opportunity (a sign) is from God. The devil can open doors too and place people in our paths. This is where we learn what’s a sign from God, a sign from the devil, and just our own inner wants talking back. Ask Him – He wants us to come to Him. If you’re sure that God’s saying go for it, ask Him about the timing and what your next step should be. God cares about the process just as much if not more than the result. If you believe God is telling you to go for it, step out.

Try God

Try God

I’ve rewrote this so many times lol. This year so far has been one of the hardest years for me. Depression was added to my life. Which was not a help at all obviously. I had a hard time making friends at school and my grades were never what I wanted them to be. And I dealt with issues from my past that I should’ve let go many, many years ago.

But I couldn’t understand them, so I was still hanging onto them, trying to figure them out. But all along they were hurting me. I went to the places that I knew I would be, I guess, accepted and understood. Home and church. But as it turned out, it was neither of those places.

I thought people were gonna be there for me when they saw me at my lowest. They weren’t. They were only there when they needed something from me. But as soon as I was struggling and trying to find help, there was none. This took a HUGE toll on me and everyone saw it. But it felt like no one was trying to understand. I caused a lot of chaos in my family. I was literally at rock bottom.

I felt like I had no one because they would tell me that they were there for me, but the actions that were shown spoke a totally different message. I didn’t know where to turn. So I remember my mom saying, when it felt like there was no hope, “turn to God.” So I did, and I figured out that He took everything away from me because I was depending on people and things to SO much. But I never once went to Him and depended on Him.

So this summer, I am doing just that. Depending on Him. And there has never been a better decision I’ve made than this. I was raised in the church and I drifted off into the secular world. But He pulled me back because He has a greater purpose for my life. People don’t understand it. But it’s not for you to understand.

I’m so grateful that He cared enough to snatch me back. He gave me a second chance. This is my story. Yeah there’s more… But I’m just here to say that if you feel like you’re hitting rock bottom and there’s nothing there… He’s there. So try Him. ❤

Dennis Coates 02

Dennis Coates

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Clora Funeral Home Scholarship


The Clora Funeral Home awards 3 Second Ebenezer Church 2016 graduates of high school who are interested in the science career fields.

Awards of $1000 will be granted to 3 students to assist with college expenses. The Clora Funeral Home is committed to it’s mission to provide educational scholarships for deserving high school students within the Second Ebenezer membership community.

For more information, requirements, and next steps, download the Clora Funeral Home 2016 Scholarship Packet.

PREP Summer Employment Program

PREP Summer Employment Program

Financial Aid Opportunities for Minority Students

Financial Aid Opportunities for Minority Students

Minority students have long been underrepresented at U.S. colleges and universities. There are many complex reasons for lower enrollment and graduation rates among minority students, not the least of which is financial hardship and lack of access to traditional educational support networks.

In an effort to make higher education more accessible to these groups, hundreds of public and private organizations offer specialized minority student scholarships and aid programs. If you are a student with minority status, it’s worth your while to see what’s available.

To make it easier on you, we’ve compiled a directory of these diversity scholarships and educational support programs and arranged them by category.

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Why I Love The Word No

Why I Love The Word No

Since I was a little boy, I always heard the word yes. I was the only child, and the baby on both sides of my family at the time, so I was spoiled by everybody, literally. But I remember one specific time I asked for something and my mom told me “no.” No! The word was like a jab in the stomach, it was a very baffled moment. Hearing a word I’m not used to, and having to accept it. And as I got older, I heard it more and more. When wanting to go to certain schools, I heard “no.” Applying for jobs, I heard “no.” Going to auditions, I heard “no.” Hearing the word so much, life became very challenging. I didn’t want to ask people for anything, I didn’t want sign up for anything because I was too afraid of hearing the word ‘no.’ But then I realized, why be afraid of the word when I can use it to benefit me. No! I won’t give up. No! I won’t give in. No! I won’t stop trying. No! I won’t break down. It made so much sense now… The word can be so powerful to use. No! I won’t do drugs. No! I won’t drink alcohol. See, the moment I used the word for my benefit, the better I’ve been. So now every time I hear the word ‘no,’ I get excited because now I have another opportunity to prove that I have what it takes. I have the motivation to rise above the challenge and overcome it. See when you hear the word ‘no,’ just know that God has something greater for you. Trust me, I am a living testimony of it. Of all the no’s I heard, God has blessed me. I have a job, college auditions, I’ve been performing and so much more. So thank you to everyone who told me ‘no.’ Without you, I wouldn’t be the God fearing man that I am today.

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Damone Morton

U of D Summer STEM Camps


There are still some seats left for the University of Detroit Mercy Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics summer camp!


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For more information, contact Mrs. Rhoades-Todd,, 313.993-3374!

Being Bold In Your Skin

Being Bold In Your Skin

The Journey Of A New Me…

Though youths grow weary and tired, And vigorous young men stumble badly, Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:30-31 NASB

Lately, I have been struggling with my weight. I’ve been told that I am overweight my entire life but I’ve learned to deal with it. What I hadn’t learned is how to change it. Since about a month ago, I’ve been trying to change my diet and everything that I could. Now, I know there are people out there who have the same problem. People like us need a little motivation to help us lose the weight and I believe that I have the motivation needed to help me succeed and help others in the process also. My hope and prayer is that all of the overweight people out there can change and become healthy and fit.

Here’s what I learned from all of this…

One thing that you must do in order to lose the weight is to prepare yourself. Preparation is everything. Make sure that you’re ready to take on this big milestone in your life. Have your mind, body, and spirit ready. Make sure that God is by your side. You wouldn’t do this without the man upstairs, right? And make sure that you have the right motivation and support to back you up.

The second thing is to TAKE EVERYTHING SLOW. Take baby steps in what you do. Start off changing your diet slowly. Take out those Oreos and switch them out with an apple. Change the portions of your meal. All those SMALL things can make a HUGE difference.

Third, make sure that you exercise. Now, not everybody likes to do physical activities, but it’ll really help in the short and long run. Start off with a walk around the corner. Then progress into something bigger, like a jog around your school track. Bigger is better, but just start where you are.

The last thing and most important thing is to remember that you need God. He will always be by your side. Make sure that you trust Him and you know that you know that He has your back, always. I’m currently in the process of losing weight and God has been in my corner the whole time. He won’t let you down. God knows what you’re going through and He wants to be your main support. God will NEVER let you down.

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Kristin Lewis
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Lessons 2014 Taught Me

Lessons 2014 Taught Me

By Tiana Whitely

Life has an interesting way of teaching you things. 2014 was a year full of lessons for me. As I graduated high school, prepared for college, and experienced living in another state, I was overwhelmed with how life, and for a lack of better words, “lectures it’s lesson plan.” What do I mean by that? Life has a way of teaching without words. Your experiences are filled with lessons, but you can only catch it if you pay attention.

The latter end of my high school experience brought me Lesson #1: Hard Work.

I thought that my last semester of senior year would be a breeze. I was in for a rude awakening. Creating a senior research project was the hardest task throughout my high school curriculum, and to think it was an open ended project. This was the final task needed in order to complete my credits. I worked harder than I ever have in order to finish my final stretch of high school with a bang. Sometimes as humans, we get complacent toward the end of a thing. I wasn’t given that opportunity… If I wanted that diploma, I had to push through to get it.

Preparing for college brought me Lesson #2: Resources Are Your Friend.

You never really understand what you need or don’t have until it is time to leave for college. Between applying for scholarships, working to save money, and actually buying all the necessities, learning how to navigate on my own; resources become your best friend. The gift card that you didn’t use for Christmas… The small graduation monies… People willing to help out… It all becomes useful and important. The smallest resource can help in a big way. You just have to take the step to utilize what is available to you.

Living on my own taught me Lesson #3: Responsibility.

Responsibility in high school is baby work compared to college. Mom and dad are no longer there to take care of you. You have to make decisions based upon what’s best for you, not what’s fun or entertaining. Some weekends, you can’t go out. The pair of shoes you wanted will have to wait because you need to buy food. Sometimes when you need people the most, they disappear. At that point, you learn to invent what you don’t have, make decisions without helpful advice, and make your own solutions. This is a time when you step out of adolescence and truly become independent.

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Tiana Whitely
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Clora Funeral Home Scholarships

Clora Funeral Home Scholarships

Clora Funeral Home is offering 3 exclusive Second Ebenezer scholarships to graduating seniors pursing science career fields. Through this program, three $1000 scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors.

Downloads: Application


  • Due: Friday, May 31st
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • High school Senior Class of 2015
  • Attending an accredited higher learning institution in summer/fall 2015
  • Second Ebenezer Church Member

Download the application for full criteria and submission requirements.